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So Much more than Training

Dog's who attend our programs receive so much more than just obedience training. We have created fantastic programs and an environment that allows for proper social and behavioral development supported and supervised by professional trainers. We are thrilled with the progress we have seen time and time again with our canine friends who need more help dealing with other dogs, strange people and general anxieties in life. We love watching the dogs grow in skill and confidence each day, with our professional training methods and supervised and controlled interactions, they just bloom!

We keep our dog to trainer ratio at ONE Dog to ONE Trainer to ensure the absolute best results! Dogs are trained in both individual private sessions as well as in groups, indoors and out to ensure exposure to multiple real life scenarios and distractions, this ensures that your dog has a full understanding of their commands and will be reliable in almost any situation.

Our Board and Train programs are unique in that they are results based. While each program has an average completion time listed, dogs who need extra time to complete the goals of their program are granted that time at no additional charge.

The biggest difference between each of these programs is the amount of time you and your dog spend training directly with us. The more time your dog spends with us the more reliable your dog will be with different situations and distractions. The more time you are involved, the more confident you will be handling your dog in any situation!

All of our programs include lifetime support so you never have to worry about your training slipping up or new problems that might arise, we’ve got your back!


Do you wish your dog would just listen?
Is it a daily struggle to take a walk, get out the door or even just to put down your dogs bowl of food? 
Wouldn't you love it if you could take a nice walk together without constantly being dragged around or having to constantly encourage your dog to come along?
What if your dog would wait at the door without dashing past, knocking you over in the process?
Imagine if they would sit nicely and wait for you to put the bowl down and avoid the inevitable kibble shower you've experienced enough times already!

Unlock your dog’s potential!


Can you imagine a time when your dog comes flying to you the second you call? Passing by dogs, food and other distractions along the way, Sliding sharply into a beautiful sit in front of you and excitedly awaiting the next command?
Your dog waiting enthusiastically at the door while you effortlessly attach the leash and prepare for another joyful walk, your pup prancing proudly down the street beside you without barking, pulling or making you regret your decision to own a dog?
Proudly send your dog to their designated place when you sit down for dinner with friends and smile knowing your friends are blown away by the well-behaved dog you now have!

Imagine being able to confidently include your dog in all your family activities. Camping at the lake, running errands, attending your kids’ activities. Knowing that your dog will happily remain focused and under control, able to ignore distractions, follow commands and make you look like a total pro.

Your dog will learn to enter and exit a vehicle safely, no more worrying about your dog suddenly darting across the parking lot when you open the door!

Multiple field trips provide your dog with the experience and training to happily enjoy anything you want to do with them. 

 Learn to create that Go Anywhere Buddy you always dreamed of!

Bootcamp Unlimited

Our Bootcamp Unlimited Program is the ultimate training and support system!

You will have access to a trainer whenever you need it!

Unlimited commands means you can customize this program to best fit what you need -  if you see something you think is cool or helpful and we haven’t done it – just ask!

We are here to help you create you’re Dream dog, and that’s different for everyone!

In this program all commands are taught both on and off leash, so that you can enjoy the ultimate freedom with your pet!

Never worry about bolting from a dropped leash again! Kids opened the door when you weren’t looking? No problem, your pup will have learned to wait before going through the door, even when you aren’t there!

Hands on Practice with high Level Distractions will provide increased confidence in your dog's reliability and you can walk proudly through the neighborhood, knowing your dog will listen despite nearly any distraction.

Multiple field trips provide your dog with the experience and training to happily enjoy anything you want to do with them. No worry about crowds, loud noises or other unexpected surprises as you will also be armed with the training, knowledge and skills to help guide your dog through anything new!

Unlimited trainer support,  Access to our Video Vault and unlimited follow up support provide a lifetime of enjoyment and peace of mind knowing your dogs skills will not fade!


Create your Ultimate Canine Companion


OH YEah....

With Every Board and Train Program
  • We are doing the hard work for you, getting your dog started, saving you time and energy and giving you faster results
  • We include all needed training equipment 
  • Unlimited Follow up support
  • Regular updates via text, email or Facebook including pics and videos
  • Our Re-training Guarantee! - if it stops working, we will fix it!
  • You will receive a one on one training session with your dog upon pick-up
  • A written behavioral assessment for your dog
  • Written instructions for all of the commands that were taught. 
  • Access to our Pro-Puppy Fast Track program for those under 6 Months OR Pro Puppy Fast Track Teen Titans Program for those over 6 Months
  • Immediate trainer support!

Pro Puppy Fast-Track Program

All of our Board and Train Programs now include instant access to our Pro Puppy Fast-Track Program  as well as Immediate Direct Trainer Support.


Why do I care about a video program if I'm going to do a board and train?

Our Board and Train Programs are very Popular and there can be a bit of a wait to get your dog in. So we are providing these programs as a training bridge for those who want to take advantage of the extra help. 

  • You will find much of the information presented will help you with some immediate relief and solutions for some of the issues you may be having.
  • It will give you a head start in not only understanding what to expect from your dog but how we will be working with your dog as well.
  • Your dog will build a stronger bond with you while going through the video training that will help solidify understanding of the training we do. 
  • Start training immediately, yes even at 8 weeks your puppy will learn!
  • You and your puppy will get a valuable head start for any future training you may be looking towards. 
  • You can work from the comfort of your home, when it is convenient for you, train at 3am in your pajama's if you want to!
  • Get the whole family working together making the training fun and most effective

As part of your Board and Train Program, Once you have made your Deposit, you will receive:

A guaranteed and locked starting date for your chosen program, with the option to take an earlier date if it becomes available.

An Email containing the Video links for you to go through at your convenience.

Immediate Access to Contact the Trainer for guidance with the program or questions specific to your dogs issues.

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