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Day Training


Day Training
  • Get your dog trained during the day, while you work – or play, and still enjoy having them home at night and on weekends!
  • Get the benefits of faster and more reliable training because your dog is getting trained by experienced professionals
  • Enjoy the process of helping your dog learn as you build an even closer bond through the learning process
In our Day Training Program your dog will stay with us for the day and receive professional hands-on training with our trainers.
Day training is available Monday through Thursday on a one visit per week basis with a flexible drop off and pick up schedule.
Owners will receive practice sheets to complete in between visits.
This program includes the following commands and behaviors:
  • Not Pulling on Leash
  • Not jumping
  • Waiting at doors
  • Going to your place/bed
  • Sit
  • Laydown
  • Stay
  • Come when called
  • Leave it
       This Program is typically completed in 4-6 weeks



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