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Just Basics

How this helps you:
- Since he will no longer pull or drag you on the leash, taking your dog for a walk becomes more of a pleasure and less of a chore.
- You will be able to enjoy your dog more because you've learned how to communicate more effectively and they've learned to understand what you want from them
- You will be able to prevent your dog from rushing out an open door, keeping him/her safe and your sanity intact.
- You will have better control when distractions arise.
How this helps your dog:
- What you really get is a snowball effect of changes in behavior; your dog will receive the benefit of more exercise and walks because he is no longer difficult to walk, this will help him release excess energy and in turn be an overall calmer and less anxious dog.
- He will get more opportunities to spend time with his pack and will be happier and less likely to act out due to boredom or frustration.
- He will gain confidence in having a knowledgeable leader and understanding what is expected of him.
- Your dog will learn self control and will be less reactive to previous distractions; other dogs, people, traffic, etc.
- His energy and excitement levels will diminish and you will have a much better behaved companion.

What's included

Just Basics


This program is typically completed in 5 days and includes:

  • A 5 day stay with the trainers, so we can do all the initial training for you!
  • Owner transfer session on pick up to ensure that you and your dog are on the same page and working well together
  • One follow up session to focus on any issues or questions after the dog returns home
  • All needed training equipment, no need to worry about what to buy or bring!

This program offers you 9 commands plus 3 Manner behaviors that will make your life easier!

The Commands we teach are: 

Come when called

leave it

The behaviors included are:

walking on a loose leash; no pulling, dragging or lunging
not rushing out doors; sit and wait patiently until released
leaving a distraction when told



Deposit for Just Basics

$200.00 non-refundable Deposit is required to Hold your spot: provides a guaranteed starting date, instant access to our Pro Puppy Fast-track Program as well as Direct Trainer Access.

the Deposit is applied to the balance of your program cost.

Please Confirm Acceptance into the program before making this payment

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