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Barbara's Babies Dog Obedience School

Welcome to Barbara's Babies Dog Obedience School

We get you.

     Right now your dog isn't listening to you and it's driving you crazy!

     You got a dog in the first place so everyone could have more fun, but now with the embarrassing jumping and barking, being dragged down the street, cleaning up accidents around the house and all of the grumbling and complaining about the dog, you hate to admit that it's just not that fun, in fact, its down right frustrating.

     If only your dog would listen, the stress would go away, the nerves would calm down, things would be so much better and you would all be so much happier!

     What do you really wish they would do? What do you wish they would STOP doing?

     Reach out and tell us all about your dog. We are here to help!


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Barbara's Babies Dog Obedience School