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4 month old German Shepherd Pup- showing what he's learned



How this helps you:

- your dog will no longer pull on the leash, so walks become a joy
- you will be able to enjoy your dog more because you've learned how to communicate what you want more effectively
- you will be able to prevent the dreaded door-dashing!
- you will have the confidence to be able to safely handle your dog on a walk
- you can enjoy having friends visit without the embarassment of an overly excited dog trying to greet them
- you will have less stress, knowing your dog has the training to be well behaved and do what you ask, when you ask it

How this helps your dog:

- your dog learns to understand what is expected of him
- your dog will be allowed to go more places and enjoy more activities
- your dog will gain confidence in you as a leader and will exhibit less stress-induced behaviors such as barking and lunging at the leash
- your dog will develop self-control and become less reactive to previous distractions; dogs, people, cars, etc.
- your dog will become an overall better companion and easier to live with



What's included


This package offers you 15 commands plus 6 manner behaviors that will certainly make life easier!
The commands we teach are:
Come when called
Go to Place
Leave it
The Behaviors included are:
Walking on a loose leash
Walking Close when told
Not rushing out doors
Not Jumping on people
Leaving food, dogs and other distractions when told
Ability to focus on you when told
This program is typically completed in 3 weeks and includes:
  • a 2 week stay with the trainers, so we can do all the initial training for you!
  • Owner transfer session on Pick up
  • 2 additional private sessions, after the dog is home, to address any issues or concerns that may arise 
  • All Training equipment is included, no need to worry about what to buy or bring!


Deposit for Mini-Camp

$200.00 non-refundable Deposit is required to Hold your spot: provides a guaranteed starting date, instant access to our Pro Puppy Fast-track Program as well as Direct Trainer Access.

the Deposit is applied to the balance of your program cost.

Please Confirm Acceptance into the program before making this payment

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