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Pro Puppy Fast-Track Teen Titans Program

The Pro Puppy Fast-Track Teen Titans program is a great way to get your adolescent pup back on track! 

This compilation of videos and e-books will help you understand not only why your puppy is behaving the way they do, but will help you create solutions to make life easier. This program includes the equivalent of 8 plus weeks of traditional dog training programs, designed so that you can help your puppy progress easier and faster, while staying safe and moving forward at a pace that fits you and your pup.

You could spend hours on your own, researching, combing through videos and do all the work yourself, Or, take advantage of our professionally tried and true methods presented in this video series. 

While this program is geared towards adolescent dogs, you will find the methods used in these videos do indeed work for all ages of dogs and puppies.

With this program you can begin to understand your dogs sudden behavior changes while also learning the most effective ways to deal with and help your pup!

It is a wonderful way to keep the training and learning process moving in the right direction, and it will give a great head start on any future training.

The methods and discussions in this program will help you prevent many of the problems and concerns we often see. Housebreaking, Ignoring you, Reacting inappropriately Manners such as NOT Jumping and NOT Biting as well as basic obedience commands are covered in this program.

The Pro Puppy Fast Track Teen Titans Program is available as a stand alone - self guided video series for just $150.00, by using the button below.

If you are considering one of our Board and Train Programs , this series is included, along with immediate trainer support, upon receipt of your non-refundable deposit for your chosen program.

Below you will find the orientation videos from our program; this will give you some help to begin as well as an idea of how our videos are designed. 








Why a video series?

Training is a continuous and ongoing process and we don't always have the resources we need at the most opportune times. These video programs offer you a step up, giving you a better understanding of not only why your dog is behaving the way it is, but also ways to help alleviate the problem. Adolescence can be a time of frustration, anxiety and embarrassment for many pet owners, understanding the what and why can help alleviate many of these moments. Sometimes we see behavior changes that can make group or in person training not only difficult but nearly impossible! Thankfully, Technology has made this less of a risk by giving us the opportunity to get important information and training solutions directly to you in a way that significantly reduces risk while helping you and your adolescent dog when it is most effective.

  • This means you can start learning and training immediately, yes relief is this close!
  • You and your puppy will get a valuable head start for any future training you may be looking towards.
  • You will be able to ward off the usual adolescent pitfalls. 
  • You can work from the comfort of your home, with less frustration for you and your dog! at a time that is convenient for you
  • the whole family can learn together making the training most effective


Pro Puppy Fast-Track Teen Titans Access

Stand alone, self guided video series $249.00


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