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The Benefits of Bootcamp Unlimited

Proper Socialization and Environmental Proofing - As Professional Trainers we know dog body language and stress signals. This helps us to guide your dog or puppy in an appropriate way to enjoying the busy and sometimes unpredictable environments they may face. We take your dogs on multiple training outings to practice their skills and build their confidence. We take them to places like local Parks, Dog Friendly stores such as Lowes or Orschelns and busy or unique environments like pet stores, livestock barns and parking lots. These properly supervised trips help your dog learn what is expected and how they should respond.

Household Etiquette - During your dogs stay in our Bootcamp Unlimited Program, we will teach them basic household manners such as Not Begging at the Table, Not Over-reacting to the Door and properly greeting guests! Dogs learn to accept and enjoy using a crate, so if it's ever needed, they will easily enter and remain in it, without destroying it and without all the complaining!

Owner Training Sessions - As Pet Parents we often in-advertently create or reinforce the very behaviors we would like to stop. During your Owner sessions, our trainers will help you to recognize and correct any misunderstandings that appear. We provide multiple opportunities for you and your dog to grow and learn together in order to help create that loving and lasting relationship we all want when we add a dog to our lives.

Working with Distractions - In our Bootcamp Unlimited program, we work with a ton of distractions. We practice with your dog to ensure that they will be able to focus and follow directions, regardless of what's going on around them. They will Stay when told, even with toys being thrown, children running around or other people talking to them. They will be able to walk past other dogs, favorite toys and even food left in their path. You can take them anywhere and know that you have the training and skills in place to get your dog to listen to you no matter what.

Bootcamp Unlimited

Bootcamp Unlimited


Take things to the ultimate level and WOW your neighbors, friends and family!


 This program offers you the best of all options, you receive private one on one coaching, group classes and the benefit of your dog working with a professional and experienced trainer!

We offer unlimited commands, and the added benefit of continued socializing and environmental proofing – meaning your dog should be reliable in nearly any situation.

You will have unlimited access to our HUGE Video Vault, Lifetime support with our Trainer in your pocket program, Lifetime access to our Skill Builders workshops and Bonus Booster Sessions for life! With this program you cannot fail, you need not worry about your dogs training fading over time!

How this helps you:

  • You will enjoy walking your dog, knowing you can both handle any situation that may arise.
  • You will learn to trust your dog and anticipate what he is thinking
  • You will be able to enjoy your dog in almost any environment because you’ve learned how to communicate more effectively and they’ve learned proper social skills, and how to understand what you want from them.
  • You will be able to prevent your dog from rushing out an open door, keeping him/her safe and your sanity in place.
  • You will be able to take your dog as part of the family on picnics and outings to the park without the hassle of uncontrolled excitement and enthusiasm!
  • You can enjoy having friends over without the embarrassment of an over-excited and out of control dog wanting to greet them.
  • Your friends and family will be thrilled to see your dog, because not only is he well behaved, he is fun too!


How this helps your dog:

  • What you really get is a snowball effect of changes in behavior; your dog will receive the benefit of more exercise and walks because he is no longer difficult to walk, this will help him release excess energy and in turn be an overall calmer and less anxious dog.
  • He will get more opportunities to spend time with his pack – you- and will be happier and less likely to act out due to boredom or frustration.
  • He will gain confidence in having a knowledgeable leader and understanding what is expected of him.
  • Your dog will learn self-control and will be less reactive to previous distractions; other dogs, people, traffic, etc.
  • His energy and excitement levels will diminish and you will have a much better behaved companion.
  • He will enjoy life more because he will no longer be anxious in what might happen




How it works:

During your dog’s stay they will be exposed to a variety of experiences, sights, smells and sounds. They will experience several field trips to train in differing environments and proof them with all types of distractions of increasing difficulty. They will be exposed to a variety of things to include; other dogs, people, vehicles, and animals of different types. They will be exposed to dirt roads, gravel and pavement, wood floors, carpeting and tile. They will visit parking lots, pet friendly stores and local parks. They will learn to maintain control off leash while other dogs and people pass by.

During this time, you will have the opportunity to attend weekly practice sessions where you will learn to work with your dog. You will learn the proper way to help your dog when faced with distractions and unknown environments. You and your dog learn to work as a team.

Upon Completion of the training, you will receive a behavioral assessment for your dog as well as written instructions for all of the commands that were taught. You have unlimited support options to include private sessions and text - a - trainer. You are also authorized two private AT HOME sessions -  to address any issues you may be having specific to your home or neighborhood area. You are also authorized to schedule unlimited Monthly follow up sessions to strengthen training or deal with any issues you may be experiencing.

This program is typically completed in 2 months and includes:
  • a 6 week stay with the trainers, so we can do all the initial training for you.
  • multiple owner training sessions during and after dog's stay, so that you and your dog are communicating effectively and working well together
  • distraction classes, so that you have the opportunity to practice around other dogs and people
  •  3- 1 day bonus training stays available each year will give your training a professional boost
  • with unlimited commands, you have the option to make this program custom fit to what you need, just let us know your particular struggles and we will help you find the answers
  • No need to worry about what to buy or bring, all training equipment is included!

Cost is $6275.00, includes all training equipment and boarding charges. 


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