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Training is a journey

Training dogs is our passion, it is a time consuming and continuous undertaking and should not be expected to be a quick and easy one time fix for any issue.
It is a joy and a pleasure to watch and participate in the growth and development of these wonderful animals.
We Offer both Board…

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When a walk is more than a walk

We all know dogs need regular walks, we take them out to potty or exercise and get a good sniff. Did you know that a truly fulfilling walk can help your dog to not only get physical exercise and relieve themselves, but can provide valuable mental enrichment that will help reduce issues such as frust…

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Motivation and Imagination in Training

Training with our dogs is meant to be a fun and enjoyable experience for both the dog and the human counterpart. Often though we find one or both parties becoming bored, frustrated and restless. How can we ensure that we keep the process fun, intriguing and effective?

Variety - the spice of life …

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Beyond Obedience - When training isn't working

 We must always consider the whole dog, take into account the dogs world; exercise, food, daily activities and lets not forget breed or breed combinations. In your journey together, you must consider all aspects of the situation, go beyond just obedience training and include everyone in the process.…

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House-Breaking Your Dog or Puppy

New puppies are so much fun! Until they piddle on your carpet or leave a doodle on your shoe! Older dogs can be just as ill-mannered if they've never been trained.
When starting with a new dog or puppy there are a few simple rules that can help ease the tensions on both of you.

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About Training

Training dogs is a time consuming and continuous undertaking. It should not be expected to be a quick and easy one time fix for any issue.

Yes, we do offer In Kennel Training programs and yes they do create results. However, it is your responsibility to continue your dogs training once you take t…

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Training is supposed to be FUN, if your not enjoying it, neither is your dog.

Training requires dedication and commitment, if you find yourself unable to create time for your dog, join a class or training group to help you maintain a schedule of training.
Working with your dog in a fun and exciting manner will create the bond you are looking for and help you and your dog communicate more effectively.

Seek the help of a professional to gain ideas and methods to keep it fun, fresh and exciting!



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