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Training Program Options

Within the Dog Training world, there are a multitude of training options for todays dog owners.

Here are the Options we provide here at Barbara's Babies Dog Obedience School.

Please take your time, choose which program type you feel might best meet your needs and feel free to contact us with any questions!

Each program type can be clicked on to read even more about that option and how it works, and benefits it provides.

Training Program Options Include:

Private Lesson Programs

  • Your number one!
  • Face to Face hands on working directly with our trainers, focused exclusively on you and your dog!
  • Easy access to our trainers anytime you have an issue or question, we are a Trainer in your Pocket!
  • Be fully involved it the training process, learning skills that will help you with not only the dog you have now but with others in the future.
  • Enjoy your dog for life
  • You will get hands on direction and coaching so you know you can handle any situation that arises
  • We start with base of obedience commands and general manners, but we are working with you and YOUR dog and                                           will be Customizing as we go to fit your exact needs!

 More Information on Private Lesson Programs Click Here!


Board and Train

  • An excellent option for those who know their dog can be better, but just don’t have the time to get it done.
  • Let our professional Trainers do the work for you so you can start enjoying your well-trained dog even sooner!
  • Our Fast, efficient training process produces a happier and well-trained member of your family.
  • Enjoy knowing that results are backed by our Re-Training Guarantee!

 More Information on Board and Train Programs Click Here!



Virtual Coaching and Training

  • Perfect for those who can’t or don’t want to travel or leave their dog for training
  • Excellent scenario for shy, fearful, reactive or young not fully vaccinated pets
  • More flexible scheduling options for those with Extra busy Lifestyles
    • As a student in our virtual coaching and training programs you will have the comfort of a “trainer in your pocket” – quick and easy access to the trainers for any questions or stumbling blocks you may encounter                                                    during your training journey

 More Information on Virtual Coaching and Training Programs Click Here!



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