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Training is a journey

Training dogs is our passion, it is a time consuming and continuous undertaking and should not be expected to be a quick and easy one time fix for any issue.
It is a joy and a pleasure to watch and participate in the growth and development of these wonderful animals.
We Offer both Board and Train and Private lesson options to help you develop the skills to live a wonderful life with your pup!
Training takes time and effort and more time practicing with your dog will result in your dogs training becoming better and better over time. We can help get your dog understanding and responding to commands faster because we have years of experience and know how to be very clear when communicating with your dog.
We use food, toys, play and praise when working with the dogs. Each dog has their own favorite things that work best for them. Rewarding your dog is very important in the training process, however it should not be relied upon. Occasional treats given in correct timing to the action will have your dog excited and happy to perform.
Correcting your dog for incorrect behavior is equally important. It is helping to guide your dog to understand what it is you want. A correction for your dog could be a simple "No", "eh-eh"  or a pop on a collar, always followed by guidance and rewards.
Corrections and rewards together with regular practice and accurate timing will help your dog learn very quickly.
All dogs learn at different rates and using different combination's of methods for training. Enjoy the journey together, it is wonderful, exciting and fun!
Tip:     Always train your dog when you are in a good mood and able to be patient with your pet.
If you work in a bad or "off"  mood, you will not only see a different set of reactions from your pet, but you can significantly set back any progress you have made. Missing some practice to avoid a poor reaction is fine, you can make major progress in a short time with the right mindset and circumstances.
We are available to answer questions and offer advice via text, email or telephone. We welcome the opportunity to help so please do not hesitate to give us a call!

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