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So Much more than Training

Those who attend our programs receive so much more than just obedience training. We have created fantastic programs and an environment that allows for proper social and behavioral development supported and supervised by professional trainers. We are thrilled with the progress we have seen time and time again. You'll love watching your dog grow in skill and confidence each day.  With our professional training methods and supervised and controlled interactions, they just bloom!

Dogs are trained in both individual private sessions as well as in groups, indoors and out to ensure exposure to multiple real life scenarios and distractions. This ensures that your dog has a full understanding of their commands and will be reliable in almost any situation.

Plus, all the skills and knowledge you receive, will benefit you for a lifetime!

Our  Programs  are unique in that they are results based. While each program has an average completion time listed, dogs who need extra time to complete the goals of their program are granted that time at no additional charge.

The biggest difference between each of these programs is the amount of time you and your dog spend training directly with us. The more time  you and your dog spend with us, the more reliable your dog will be with different situations and distractions, and the more confident you will be handling your dog!

All of our programs include follow up support, so you never have to worry about your training slipping up, we’ve got your back!

The basics

Do you wish your dog would just listen?

Is it a daily struggle to take a walk, get out the door or even just to put down your dog’s bowl of food?

 Wouldn't you love it if your dog would even follow some simple directions like sitting when told or coming when you call?

With commands like Come, Sit and Wait life with your dog will be much more enjoyable.


This program is typically completed in 5 days and includes:​

9 commands plus 3 Manner behaviors that will make your life easier!
The Commands we teach are: 

​Come when called

leave it

The behaviors included are:

walking on a loose leash; no pulling, dragging or lunging
not rushing out doors; sit and wait patiently until released
leaving a distraction when told


  • All needed boarding days so that our trainers can do all the initial work for you
  • Private one on one coaching and training lessons for you and your dog
  • Lifetime support, to address any issues or concerns that may arise 
  • All Training equipment is included, no need to worry about what to buy or bring!

Investment amount for The Basics is $975



Yes, we can do that for you!

If you’ve been struggling with teaching your pup the proper place to go potty, or maybe you’re just so busy that finding the necessary time is nearly impossible, this program is for you.

Our system has been modified and adjusted over years of practice to give you the most effective housebreaking training program. It is typically competed in 14 days.

Our housebreaking program includes;

  • crate acceptance training so that your pup has a safe and enjoyable time when they need to be crated. No more panic, crying, yapping or whining unless they need to go out!
  • teaching an indicator - most dogs learn to ring a bell, some will sit at the door, some will jump on your leg, whatever it is, we make sure it is a solid and reliable indicator telling you that your pup needs to go potty.
  • Optional potty pad or potty patch training, great for small dogs or dogs who might need an occasional alternative to the great outdoors.
  • In our home boarding where they will live as a part of our pack and receive a ton of socialization and play!

As with all our training, it is covered with our retraining guarantee and lifetime support!

The investment amount for Housebreaking is $1275

The Pro Puppy 


Get the benefit of a Professional Jump Start to raising your puppy! We provide a solid foundation of training in proper and preferred behaviors so that you can get straight to the enjoyment of raising your puppy with less stress and frustration. This program helps with all the usual puppy problems:

  • Housebreaking - including crate acceptance and ringing a bell or other indication of the need to go outside
  • Leash acceptance - stop biting, chewing, resistance to walking on a leash
  • Stop/prevent unwanted behaviors such as - biting, nipping, chewing, stealing food from hands or counters and jumping
  • Get your puppy to listen! 

This program is typically completed in 14 days

  • Your puppy will live in our home, with our Head Trainer! Live among our pack and enjoy plenty of training and socializing with proper guidance throughout their stay.

  • You and your pup will learn several training commands (see The basics above) plus you learn multiple tricks and tips to help you maintain calm and control  

  • access to our Pro - Puppy fast track online program for additional support and reference materials

  • Lifetime support, to address any issues or concerns that may arise 
  • All Training equipment is included, no need to worry about what to buy or bring!

The Investment amount for The Pro Puppy is $1475


OH YEah....

With Every Program

  • We include all needed training equipment 

  • Unlimited Text and Email support for Life

  • Regular Video and Photo updates -check our facebook page!

  • Our Re-training Guarantee! - if it stops working, we will help you fix it!​

Why do I care about a video program ?

Our Programs are very Popular and there can be a bit of a wait to get your dog in. So we are providing these programs as a training bridge for those who want to take advantage of the extra help. 

  • You will find much of the information presented will help you with some immediate relief and solutions for the issues you may be having.
  • It will give you a head start in not only understanding what to expect from your dog but how we will be working with your dog as well.
  • Start training immediately, yes even at 8 weeks your puppy will learn!
  • You and your puppy will get a valuable head start for any future training you may be looking towards. 
  • You can work from the comfort of your home, when it is convenient for you, train at 3am in your pajama's if you want to!
  • Get the whole family working together making the training fun and most effective

As part of your Program, Once you have made your Deposit, you will receive:

A guaranteed and locked starting date , with the option to take an earlier date if it becomes available.

An Email containing the Video links for you to go through at your convenience.

Immediate Access to Contact the Trainer for guidance with the program or questions specific to your dogs issues.

Please reach out, We'd love to discuss your dog with you!